35 COINS is a small family-run company that was born out of the desire to create beautiful things together - to share them with our friends and the rest of the world.

The label is operated by 3 generations of women, a grandmother-aunt-niece trio each living in a different city: Berlin, Germany (Design), NYC (Marketing/Sales), and Holiday, FL (Headquarters/Manufacturing). 

Our design sensibility can be described as artisanal, sophisticated, and functional. This unique blend can be attributed to many influences, the strongest being the artisanal flair as a tribute to our Peruvian roots.  Throw in a touch of New York for that sophisticated jenesequois.  And last but not least - functionality, comes straight from Berlin where our Designer is based.



Why 35 COINS?

We wanted to pay tribute to how our lives began in Peru, with a creative and crafty mother and a very entrepreneurial father.  The name was inspired by one of my favorite stories from childhood. My grandfather gave my dad 35 real peruvian gold coins as part of his inheritance, which he sold to start his first company and build our first house, where I was born.  For him, the 35 golden coins were his lucky find, and for us 35 COINS is our golden find.